Greene Enterprises

Serving the Beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin area.

These are some of the projects that my wife and I have built in the last few years. If there is something that you would like us to build for you, give us a call or send us an email.

This is a slightly modified country bench that I found in a kids toy book. It is made entirely of solid walnut that we milled from a tree in our yard except for the bottom which is walnut veneer plywood. The wood is unstained and coated with polyurethane varnish to enhance its beauty and for durability. The box lid doubles as the seat and is supported with spring-loaded lid supports. This one was built as a gift to our nephew.

This is a cigar humidor that we built for Bruno's, the local liquor store. I designed it from a couple of pictures I found on the internet and added my own custom touches to it. The doors and trim are made from solid walnut, the case is walnut veneer plywood, and the shelves and drawers are made from spanish cedar. The shelves were left unfinished so that they could help regulate the moisture and give off their awesome smell. The walnut is coated with polyurethane varnish to enhance the grain and for durability.

This is the litter box house that we made for our cat, Wilbur. It originally had an opening on the side for Wilbur to get in and out through but when we got a puppy, I filled that hole and made one on the top so that the dog couldn't get in. There is carpet on the floor of the box to help knock the litter off Wilbur's feet before he leaves the box. There is very little mess around the box where as the litter used to get all over the floor. The actual litter box sits in a hole that I cut out to exactly fit the box. I used spring-loaded lid supports that can hold the lid up to make it easy to get inside and clean the litter box and change Wilbur's food and water. He loves his little house very much.

This is a shelf that I built for my wife to complement the antique oil lamp that is shown on it. I used a nice birch board and then stained it with red mahogany oil stain and top-coated it with polyurethane.

This is one of two shoe racks that we made for my cousin. It is made of solid walnut and we attached some edge pieces that have the bark still on them on the back edge for effect. This could be made to fit virtually any space - we can change the length, the number of racks, and the spacing between the racks. We could also make them to be stackable instead of being fixed height.

This is a wine rack that we made for Bruno's, the local liquor store. I designed it to hold sixteen full cases of 750 ml bottles (12 per case). The bottles are stored two deep and six high. The display shelves are left open to allow for up to twenty two bottles to be displayed. The top is sturdy enough to store extra cases on it. We made this unit out of solid pine and a couple sheets of veneer plywood. We used a tinted varnish to match the color of the store's decor. This design can be adapted to any size that you might want although I wouldn't make it any bigger than it already is which is roughly three feet wide by six feet tall by two feet deep. With a little change in spacing, we could also make one to hold 1.5 liter bottles.

These are a couple of coat racks that we have built using some of the wood milled from our walnut trees. Each one is unique and we leave as much bark on as possible to add to the character of each piece. The shaker pegs were purchased as I do not have a lathe. I have milled keyholes on the back sixteen inches apart (standard stud spacing) and centered on the piece for hanging them on your wall. The small one has two of these holes and the large one has three. They have been coated with varnish to bring out their beauty and for durability.